Why Should You Get Your Driving License?

General Overview:

Regarded as a symbol of new found freedom, there are many youngsters who dream having their own driving license just as they step foot into adulthood. A quintessential rite of passage, it is pivotal to get your own driving license from a recognized motor school, not just in the UK, but everywhere around. The obvious reason being that you will be able to drive your vehicle without restrictions. But apart from that getting a driving license is important for many other reasons.

It Makes You A Registered Driver

This is one of the most important reasons why you need to get a driver’s license. It gives you recognition. By having possession of a license you are notifying your law enforcements that you are a person who has undergone all the important steps to becoming a certified driver and your license is proof of that. The story is pretty much the same in every state of the nation.  You are registered to operate a motor vehicle. You may see numerous times when traffic sergeants or police officers ask you to pull over, and the first thing they ask for is your driving license. They want to check if the vehicle is being operated by a registered driver.

They Serve As Your Official Personal Identity Cards

When you are asked questions to prove your identity, these driving licenses may serve to be of great help. Apart from driving these licenses are also useful in writing checks, opening bank accounts, making use of a debit or credit card, getting admitted into a school, loan application as well as acquiring the benefits which are offered by the government. In most states, including the UK, driving licenses are accepted as your universal identity cards and the reason being that it comprises of your important information as well as your picture.

Emergency Officials Can Identify You And Also Find Out If You Were Involved In A Road Wreck

Accidents can cause uncertainties and can happen to the best of drivers. If you so, unfortunately, have a road wreck, get seriously injured and cannot break the word to your friends or any of your acquaintances, then these driver’s licenses are useful in getting the urgent news to your loved ones. As these licenses contain your name and your residence details, they can be used to convey your relatives about your accident. Plus hospitals need identification proof to begin their admission procedures and your driver’s license can also prove to be useful in such cases. Make sure you are insured! Use the AXA contact number.

Your Lost Wallet Can Be Returned

Though this is something rare, but there have been instances in the UK where good Samaritans use the information in your wallet to go to your residence and return your wallet.

Other Values:

Apart from your recognition, your drivers’ license also serves as your motor license, your motorbike license as well as your CDL license.

These are the main reasons why you should get your driver’s license, especially if you happen to reside in the UK where roadside and driver concerning rules and regulations are quite strict.

Why Should You Have Your Unique Number Plate?

Unique number plates are those where you use your favorite number or combination of numbers making your car more attractive. It can be a single or series of digits, which adds more style to your car. If you are passionate about your car, you must try the unique number plates which add the extra feather on the beauty of your car. If you have your lucky numbers in your mind the best way to show off that number is your car number plate. Nowadays it is very easy and one of the trendiest style to add short and crisp numbers in your car number plates. You might have to spend little extra money to create the unique and stylish number plate, but it gives you the immense pleasure while driving.No matter whether you are having a two wheeler or having a four wheeler depending on your car size and color you may choose the best-fit number plate for your vehicle.

Makes Your Car Special: You will find many specialized companies which can design unique number plates for you. You might take the help of professional car number plate designers to give your thought a right shape.There are many ways in which you may design your number plate, but to make it more attractive, you should contact the best car number plate designer in the city. Not only unique numbers, the fonts, and style also can be created, and it can create a unique look in your car number plate.

Different Designs: A unique number plate is consisting of unique numbers and designs. Keeping that in mind the professional agencies are designing various unique number plates which suit your thought perfectly. If you already have a fair idea about the unique number plate for your brand new car, you can contact the professional agencies to make it bolder and attractive.

Worth Your Money: To make your car different than others you should definitely choose the best unique number plate. If you are spending lots of money just to own your dream luxury car, make sure you also get a trendy and cool number plate on it. But you should always make sure when you are spending extra to get your dream license number plate make sure it’s worth the money you spent on it.

Increase The Style: A unique number plate increases the style of your car and lets other people notice your choice of the car. When you choose a different number plate, it gives a classy look to your car and makes your car more noticeable.

Your number plate should be really different and unique so that when you drive, you can take the pride. When you are deciding the design of your number, you must take the expert’s advice also you can check online platforms or other car designs and get a fair understanding. But you should always keep in mind that your car design should not match with any other number plate which is already being used.

DVLA – Important Services And Key Facts

Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency is a governmental agency which keeps a record of all drivers and vehicles of Great Britain. Presently it has the records of 47 million drivers and 39 million vehicles. This organization collects Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). It is about £5.6 billion a year.

Why Was The Organization Established?

The sole purpose of this Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency is to improve road security and reduce crime related to vehicles. It was built about 40 years ago. The main building is located in Swansea. Department of transport has given them full authority to monitor all the activities related to this field. The organization is organically known as Driving and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC).

They have replaced the old pen and paper-based organization into a digital one. With the help of Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) technique, it is really easy for the user to communicate them. You can now do, most of your license and vehicle-related paper work sitting at your home. This organization also helps the police department with their database to solve any case.


How Do They Help You?

They provide a number of services for the ordinary people of Britain. Some of them are as follows.

  • Provide alicense to new drivers.
  • Issue blue badges to physically disabled drivers.
  • Keep a record of the medical condition of the drivers as well as their vehicles.
  • Help people to Reissue and renew their license.

There are also other services provided by this organization. For example, you can check the authenticity of a driver, who wants to hire your vehicle. You can launch any complain on DVLA Helpline if you are not satisfied with their service.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your License?

There are any cases where the license is lost, stolen or damaged. It is very simple to get a new license. If your license is stolen, you will have to complain it to the police. There are many online forms available on their site. You will have to fill up the correct form and apply for anew license. If your license is damaged, you will have to send the remaining part to their office. You will get a new license within a week.

There is also an offline process to get anew license. You will have to collect a form from the post office, fill it and post it to their office address. This process required a longer time than the online one.

Update Your Medical Condition

If you develop any medical condition which may affect your driving ability, then you must tell this to DVLC. Some of the common issues are epilepsy, stroke, visual disability, mental health and others. They will consider your case and either issue a blue badge or can cancel your license. If your license is canceled or you voluntarily submit your license that does not mean that you can never get it back. If your condition improves, you can reapply for alicense.